The Troll Hunter

In this section I will talk about films I’ve watched and to kick it of I watched Troll Hunter last night and what a fantastic film that is, it has everything you could ever want from a low budget film and by far the best I’ve seen from Norwegian films in years.

It’s very high on my list of films of the year from 2010 even though it didn’t make it across the water for cinema release before 2011 and now it’s out on DVD in UK.

Mike Hale of The New York Times called it a “clever and engaging mock documentary” with “ultradry Nordic humor” and I could not have said it better myself.

I loved the performance of Otto Jespersen as Hans, trolljegeren, the Troll Hunter and he’s the guy I want in my corner next time I’m in troll infested areas J

Check for more info and to view the trailer


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