A strange weekend

It’s funny sometimes how things go even when you have a clear plan! Let me explain.

Past weekend I had planned to drink lots of coffee, update my blog, book flights, catch up on email correspondence, wait for new cooker and let in the builder for a much needed shower upgrade.

As it happened I was up nice and early, made a fresh pot of coffee with freshly grinded Kenya Peaberry  beans, using my best birthday present ever. My coffee grinder 😀

OMG I love that thing and my coffee intake is properly though the roof but I really enjoy the small routine of picking out coffee, grinding it and making  a fresh pot all while the smell of coffee is spreading though the flat.

Kenya Peaberry beans

Kenya Peaberry beans

Anyway I sat down with the laptop and my coffee, starting with the usual check of spam mails, weather updates on Twitter, baby photos on FaceBook and devastating news about the latest war or natural disaster when the builder arrived and all I managed was coffee and write a list of things to accomplish 🙂

After showing the builder the bathroom and some small talk, I was ready to attack the days tasks and it started nicely up to the point where I managed to pay my deposit for an upcoming sea kayaking trip in May, then it was time for more coffee, this time I went for the Xmas blend from Starbucks and offered the builder a nice cup.

Back to the keyboard but now the damn thing froze on me and I had to shut everything down and start over and by now it was time for lunch and I was starving!

After lunch I made another attempt on my list but was interrupted by the builder as he announced he was done with the shower upgrade and now we had a bit of a pickle as he was supposed to install the new cooker but it had not arrived yet, I figured I would be the nice guy and send the poor man home to his woman/man or maybe he was a cat person!
I then agreed to install the cooker myself not really thinking it though but didn’t want the builder hanging around for the next 4-6 hours.
Ironically the cooker arrived not 30min after he left and it was all wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam so I set to work unpacking the beast, holy fck it made a mess of the kitchen and now I also had a fair deal of cleaning to do!
Anyway I got on with it and within a measly 3hours we had a new cooker installed and ready for dinner but by now it was past 1800 and my day of being creatively productive was coming to an end!

Sunday started early again with a pot of Kenya Peaberry coffee but despite my guilty conscience and a never ending list of things to do I decided the day was much too beautiful to spend by the laptop and I loaded up my camera and went for a long walk along the old trusted classic, the Clydeway canal.

After I made it home from my walk I downloaded my photos and waited for my girl to come home with tales about her CBT that same day, she was all smiles and giggles while telling about the latest in motor bike training 🙂

Later that evening we were going out for the SuperBowl and so we just chilled for a few hours while getting ready to go to the big game.

First up was a late dinner with good friends, consisting of Nachos, beer and a pound of meat, neatly folded into a nice burger served with a small mount of onion rings, not a bad way to start the sports event of the year for many Americans 🙂

Next up was the actual event itself and while we arrived in plenty of time to get our tokens for beer and hotdogs we were way too late to be able to get a seat in the pub but had to make do with 30cm of bar next to the hotdog pool that on one occasion spilled over and threatened to scar me for life!

Once the game got going and the beer flowing I got more into the game and would even pretend to care by shouting along with the other crazies every time there was a special brutal tackling!

But the highlight of the evening is without doubt when I recognised Sketchy Andy in Madonna’s halftime show, I was yelling and wooing while the rest of the pub looked at me like I was the weirdo! Andy was doing what he does best on a slack line, looking well cool and even Madonna looked amazed, eventually the game ended in a spectacular finish with the Giants beating the Patriots.

By now it past 3am and time to hit the road as Monday morning gloomed in a few hours.

Late Monday, early Tuesday the press and Twitter was buzzing about the mystery man who stole the show from Madonna ha ha ha ha


About brixpoul

A Dane on Adventures, Step-dad, photographer, all-round lover of the great outdoors & coffee. Fighting cancer through fundraising adventures.
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2 Responses to A strange weekend

  1. Cheeky says:

    Jusg make sure your feet and meters are sorted!

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