Lost in York

When I started this blog in Jan ‘12 it was intended to be mostly about my outdoor pursuits and travels but as life goes I’ve been held back by injuries and car trouble. (equals money!)

In the mean time I try to follow the two pieces of advice I’ve been given.
1. Write about what you know.
2. Practice 🙂

So it’s with much joy I finally got on a road trip to new and strange places and this is my story about how I got lost in York.


As road trips go this was not an epic journey of self discovery but merely a one night trip to the not so wild but still wonderful England; destination – York.

We originally wanted to go for two nights but Hilton was not playing ball and refused to give us the desired rate for our first night so we decided on saving the money and make an early start on the Sunday.

The alarm got us up at 0630 for a quick shower and I cooked sausages, beans and eggs for breakfast while Robynne got herself ready and shortly after 0800 we hit the road in a rental car from Avis. They provided a great price and excellent service and Glasgow soon was behind us.

The drive south proved trouble free while we chatted away to the soothing tunes from the Big Blue soundtrack, an all time favourite for us both.

We only made one pit stop to drain ourselves, get fresh coffee and tea, plus, this gave me a chance to get the leg unwrapped as my foot felt like it was being drained of blood.

After the stop we continued South and Robynne was drifting off, until she was rudely awoken by the crazy woman inside the Satnav repeatedly screaming keep left, keep left as the name on the road changed and in fact we kept going straight!

After only four hours we reached our destination and while “Satnav cowbag” was loud and annoying she did a super job guiding us straight into the underground parking at the Hilton York and while I tried to gently slide the small VW Polo into a very small space a man with a very different English accent turned up and offered to take the keys and park the car.

First I had problems understanding him when he said smiling, “Joost go t’reception when ya need ya t’keys, alright?” and I normally never accept help with parking but after Robynne came to my rescue and explained he needed the keys to shuffle the cars around the few spaces I gave in and let the kind man play car shuffle while we checked in.

We arrived a bit early and our room was not yet ready but we got the check in done and while they took our bags we went exploring in York.

What follows are a photographic journey thought York while we drifted round and got lost in the small cosy streets.


In all we managed to visit York Museum, try a local Ale at a pub called Three Tuns and both the Ale and the pub grub was excellent, after the pub we stopped at the Jorvik Centre as Robynne was super keen to revisit the centre and while it is quite small, the displays are very good and there’s even a ride though the old village of Jorvik complete with interacting Vikings, and the staff in the centre deserves a thumbs up for their enthusiasm and willingness to share stories and knowledge about anything from old dye techniques, Viking poo and we even got to cover counterfeit money.

After our journey back in time it was time to check out our upgraded room and we had a perfect Tower view thanks to Rona who requested an upgrade for us plus a small basket of complementary drinks 🙂

After a chilled night watching BBC, resting, eating and sipping red wine we woke up to a grand looking day and in-room breakfast and anyone who has ever stayed at Hilton always remember the great breakfast.

Just before lunch we packed up and checked out but since we still wanted to explore York a little more we again left our bags with the kind staff and hit the streets again, this time exploring the city wall, in olden days it was quite normal to have a wall surrounding the city but in modern England York has the oldest and longest remaining city wall still standing.

After a minor coffee stop at the university cafe we drifted around again and soon found ourselves at the Roman Bath Museum. The Roman bath was uncovered in 1930 during restorations of a local tavern, which now resides in the cellar of the Roman Bath pub and while it’s small it shows a well preserved look into the a normal bath house used by Roman soldiers almost 2000 years ago.

After picking up some yummy looking pasties we got back to the hotel and as a last act of super service the hotel staff put our bags in the car for us. From leaving the hotel we managed to put a damper on the “Satnav Cowbag”  and got out of town and on to the open road once again and with a carefree journey, only interrupted once by a coffee stop,  and not before long we were once again back in Glasgow feeling like better and refreshed humans after our little adventure to York.

Have you ever been to York, if yes what was your highlights?


About brixpoul

A Dane on Adventures, Step-dad, photographer, all-round lover of the great outdoors & coffee. Fighting cancer through fundraising adventures.
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14 Responses to Lost in York

  1. Letizia says:

    Nice photo’s!!

  2. Hendraarkan says:

    so classic, 😀 like it
    surely a lost that produce nice photos. Waiting fo another trip! (hope you didnt get lost again) :mrgreen:

  3. Paula says:

    I enjoyed exploring York through your pics 🙂 Let me know when you get lost again. This has been so much fun. Btw, the photos are really great 🙂 It is hard to decide if you are better in B&W or in colour!

    • brixpoul says:

      Thx Paula, I quite likely will let everyone know if I get lost again 😉
      I think it depends on the day, the mood and the lighting wheatear it comes out in B&W or color 🙂

  4. The Pal Guy says:

    I was in York last summer and i had a lot of fun exploring the town. It was just small enough that in one day you could travel most of the streets expediently enough to get an understanding of your surroundings. Yet, like everywhere that i was that summer, i wish i could have stayed just a little bit longer. Great black and white photos and thanks for sharing.

    • brixpoul says:

      Thx, It was the sort of day that was made for B/W 🙂
      I spent a day and a half in York and feel like I saw a lot but still much more to explore I think from reading about the town.
      I’m hoping to go back later this summer.

  5. How funny! I admire your ability to take unfamiliar experiences in stride.

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