Sand River Archaeological Trail, Big Sand

After a couple of bumpy months I’m attempting to blow some new life into my blog, starting with my latest mini adventure from a recent road trip to the highlands…A walk along Sand River Archaeological Trail

My weekend really started at 1500 Thursday afternoon with a photo shot in the office for a recent workshop I attended and as soon as it was done I headed home to meet the plumber in a vain attempt to get a blocked drain fixed before Robynne’s Grandma greeted us with a visit from the US of A.  Friday after work we headed North, aiming for The DoubleTree Dunblane Hydro for a night of comfort and cheap luxury, little did I know how different my next night would be!

After a very good meal in the restaurant and a nightcap at the bar we went to bed to the distant sounds of a wedding after-party.

The following morning we leisurely took our time to get moving, but eventually went down for breakfast and only seconds after we sat down at the table the fire alarm sounded and we were all hurried outside in the driving rain but luckily only for a few minutes before we were allowed back inside and all I could think was, thank god they hadn’t served the coffee yet as it would have been cold by now!

Soon after we hit the road again and with a approximately 200 miles to go that day I tried to keep it swift and smooth but was constantly forced to slow down due to road works, traffic and the constant rain but after 5 hours driving with only one or two minor directional mishaps we arrived at Gairloch Carn Dearg Youth Hostel and soon meet up with Robynne’s mum for the exchange of passengers and luggage. Before we could check in (is it called check in at a hostel?) we drove into Gairloch for an early dinner and a well deserved pint at the Fish Box Bar and I can only recommend the scallops if you’re in the neighborhood 🙂

Once back at the hostel, while checking in I heard the scary words, the boys will be in room two on first floor and the girl’s room is on the top floor!
No more DoubleTree treats this weekend but at least we would get breakfast the following morning, even though I’m sad to say it consisted of a brown paper bag containing a small not super fresh croissant, two tea bags, a fruit pot, a yogurt pot, butter, three servings of jam and a small carton of milky substance, THERE WAS NOT EVEN COFFEE! That evening we did go for a stroll on the lovely beach, Big Sand but weather was not for swimming or other fun beach activities as it was blowing a fresh wind, before retiring to our bunk beds, anyway I’m getting of topic here because Robynne and I got up early next morning to go explore the Sand River Archaeological Trail before breakfast.

Sand River Archaeological Trail is located about a mile from the hostel and consists of the remains of human activity over the century’s and the oldest stone remains date back to prehistoric times and even in the windy drizzling rain it was an interesting outing only accompanied by a few hardy sheep, I found it particularly interesting to dwell a moment in the ruins and share the view with the people that had settled there so many years ago and try to imagine why, what made this spot so attractive that they were willing to undertake the huge effort it must have been to build in the hostile landscape.

Please follow me on the trail in this short slide show below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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A Dane on Adventures, Step-dad, photographer, all-round lover of the great outdoors & coffee. Fighting cancer through fundraising adventures.
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6 Responses to Sand River Archaeological Trail, Big Sand

  1. Paula says:

    Hello Poul 🙂 A great series of photos. What was the nightcap if I may ask? 😉

    • brixpoul says:

      Hi Paula, I had a pint of larger and the gals had tea I believe 🙂

      • Paula says:

        Ah, I was hoping for something a bit stronger from you 😉 Thanks for all the likes on my posts Poul… Your absence on WP has been felt.

      • brixpoul says:

        lol, I was being a good boy on account of the long drive the next day and having Grandma as company 😉

        Thanks for noticing I’ve been away, it’s always nice when people think of you 🙂

  2. Paula says:

    😀 You bet on it! I am sure that Grandma liked you 😉

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