Traning Mission 1

After settling on the National Three Peaks Challenge as my goal, I officially started my training last week and started out easy with a fast walk/hike up The Whangie. Legend has it, it was created by the devil flicking his tail with the oncoming excitement of visiting Stockie Muir. The scientific community however, would have us believe it was created by translational landslide! It also proves to be a good training ground for a bit of trad climbing including classics like “Curving Crack” and “Vampire Crack”.

On my first day of training however, I had it all to myself due to the driving rain and high winds. Temperatures were below 5 Celsius and I had to keep moving to stay warm.

While fighting my way to the “summit” (357meters above sea level) I had to wade through small rivers and a knee deep bog that proved to be too much for my new boots and they filled up with water.

After summiting I followed the running water down to The Whangie and wanted to find shelter from wind and rain for a spot of lunch but it was nowhere to be found and I kept moving.

Due to the weather I didn’t take many photos but I will share one below, where folk have started cutting peat, however I do think they might have to wait a long time before it gets dry enough to bring home.

Cutting Peat

Cutting Peat

Please take a moment to check my fundraising page and I would be very happy if you share it with your contacts 🙂


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A Dane on Adventures, Step-dad, photographer, all-round lover of the great outdoors & coffee. Fighting cancer through fundraising adventures.
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10 Responses to Traning Mission 1

  1. Paula says:

    Good luck Poul! Let no rain or wind stop you 😉

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