Training Mission 2

Mission 2 (and yes I choose to accept it) was night navigation in the hills and again I choose to visit The Whangie as it’s close to home and again it was super windy and raining.

I arrived at the parking lot just after 2000 hours, I quickly changed into boots and waterproof jacket before setting out up the hill.



For the first hour I refused to bring out my head torch but after wandering of track in the driving rain, I soon realised I need all the help I could get and took a quick stop to rehydrate and find my torch, I hate the feeling of walking in the bubble that the light gives you and your eyes never get a chance to adjust to the darkness!



For this little outing I had chosen to bring my girlfriend’s camera; a Fuji Finepix XP30 and since it’s waterproof and shockproof it seemed to be just the thing for a wet outing on the slippery tracks and while it feels very robust and solid I did miss a view finder and a self-timer.  Unfortunately the trip was far too dark and short to test the camera properly but I intend to keep use it for the National Three Peaks challenge.

A light in the dark

A light in the dark

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About brixpoul

A Dane on Adventures, Step-dad, photographer, all-round lover of the great outdoors & coffee. Fighting cancer through fundraising adventures.
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2 Responses to Training Mission 2

  1. Paula says:

    Looks like a suicide mission to me 😉 You are intrepid Poul!

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