The Move

The last week’s adventure has proved pretty tough but so far I have survived!

After a pretty stressful build up to the big move, including securing a place to live less than 48 hours before the van was packed for travel, we finally made it.

I thought there would be no room for any training these past couple of weeks and with a nasty cold, it suited me fine to stay indoors and button up tightly BUT packing a fairly large flat into the back of a white van on a rainy Friday night, turned out to be good endurance training with a few miles running up and down the stairs clutching boxes of stuff and doing it all over again 17 hours later.

Saturday started very early with a frantic packing of the last bits and pieces and cleaning the flat before handing the flat back to the landlady.  At 08:50 we were ready and the handover went smoothly, just one thing left to do was getting a last sausage roll from a wee breakfast shop on the “Parade” before hitting the road.

The drive was quite uneventful and the weather was on our side; we left Glasgow and Scotland behind us and after a quick stop to fill up the coffee reserves, we reached our destination.  I was pleased to see the professionalism of the new estate agent, Denby Beevers in Garforth near Leeds, and we got the keys and finished all the required paperwork in under five minutes and before we knew it we were on our way to arriving at our new home.

First task was to enter the house without setting of the alarm as we didn’t get any alarm codes but once again everything went smooth but then the first disaster hit!

In our rush to “escape” Glasgow we forgot the food stash in the fridge including my COFFEE BEANS! Luckily there’s a Whittard’s coffee shop in York and I have managed to restock but still feel sad thinking about the loss of coffee 😦

We quickly emptied the Audi estate and had to go shopping while waiting for the van man to arrive. When he arrived, we had a quick lunch, unloaded the van and send him back up North.

We spend a few hours to sort out boxes and then collapsed a couple of beers in hand on the sofa and I finally was able to give in to my cold and allow myself to feel sick. Now after almost a week I feel almost back to normal and am itching to get training and of course to get on with the challenge.

Quiet neighbours

Quiet neighbours

At the time of writing we are on 66% of the target and I’m very grateful to everyone that has helped.

As always I would love to hear from you so feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments 🙂

Please take a moment to check my fundraising page and I would be very happy if you share it with your contacts 🙂


About brixpoul

A Dane on Adventures, Step-dad, photographer, all-round lover of the great outdoors & coffee. Fighting cancer through fundraising adventures.
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11 Responses to The Move

  1. Paula says:

    I am glad to hear you are feeling better Poul. Good luck with the challenge!

    • brixpoul says:

      Thanks Paula, I’m far from 100% yet, still feeling weak and out of breath so I’m not sure how well I will do on challenge day but I’m ready to give it my all 🙂

  2. Paula says:

    It is so good to see that you are not stuck any more :D. How is the new place?

  3. Don’t we all love moving!! GOOD luck…

    • brixpoul says:

      Thank you 🙂
      The move was hard enough but unpacking the boxes is the worst I think!
      I had stuff I neer unpacked from my last move so I think it will go on ebay or the bin 😉

  4. Paula says:

    Hello Poul 🙂 When I click on your gravatar it says that you are still stuck in Glasgow :D. How is your life these days? Any news on a job?

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