Italy Day 3

Day 3

When my alarm sounded at 0600 it was only 2 degrees in the room but I was cosy enough in my sleeping bag under the pile of blankets but when I ventured outside to gather snow for a morning brew I found the world dark and very cold since the hut was still in the shade for at least another hour or two and I went back in my sleeping bag to plan my day and ponder life until I saw the sun reaching to ground outside :0)

After running round the hut a couple of times to warm up, I had a quick wash in the cold snow and prepared for a hiking trip up to a mountain pass called Bocca del Tuccket to look for Sosat, the snow was knee deep and I had to break trail since I was the only person here since the snow had fallen and I had to keep well clear of the rock face as snow, ice and the occasional rock started coming down as the sun started to heat the rocks all around me and all the Via Ferrata cables I found was encrusted in thick ice and completely unclimbable. It seems I was completely wasting my time being here as it was clear I would not be able to do any climbing at all. I guess the tourist information knew what they were talking about and after reaching the pass at nearly 3000 meters I looked down the other side and took some photos before heading back down to the hut to heat a bag of chicken for lunch, this was the first warm meal I had since I arrived in Italy and while it was only lukewarm I enjoyed it with some ice cold melted water straight from the ground.

The rest of the afternoon I lazed around in the sun before bouldering on some of the many big boulders that covered the ground around the hut. I had left my new freeloader out in the sun all day to try and charge my phone/pda/mp3 player but the small panels didn’t seem to do too well a job and I made another mental note to get “bigger solar panels next time”.

Late afternoon I made a hot brew but only had enough heating gel for a couple of cups and it only got lukewarm but it was still a warm drink and with two muesli bars I called it dinner.

The sun disappeared, giving way to the shadows just after 1800 and after that the temperature dropped rapidly and it got really cold, really fast so I retired to the winter room to spend the evening in my sleeping bag and after a couple of hours writing my diary and sending a few text home to let them know I was still alive it was lights out and with the sound of Kings of Leon I closed my eyes just after 2000.


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