Italia Day 5

Day 5

My day started at 0800 when I left my warm sleeping bag to get a cold shower before going downstairs to chat with my hosts over an espresso and I end up offering my help to clear away tables and benches outside, it’s time to put them in storage for the winter.

After helping out a couple of hours I say arrividerci and start my hike down towards Madonna di Campiglio, it takes me only two hours to reach the village and after checking the bus schedule I do some sightseeing and soon relax with a coffee before chilling while I wait for the bus.

When I get on the bus I’m the only passenger and I have a strange/fun conversation with the driver for about tem minutes before we both realise that we’re talking about different subjects, I guess my Italian was way worse than I thought 😀


When I arrive back in Brecia I check into the same crummy 1* hotel not far from the bus station and once I’m all checked in I munch on a cold readymeal with beef straight out of the bag, it was ok but would have benefitted from being heated.

After my meal I feel a strange urge to reconnect to the online world with all my virtual friends after having been of grid for a few days and I leave the hotel looking for an internet cafe, I quickly find one but have to go back to the hotel for my passport before I’m allowed to log on and while checking my email and facebook I quickly get restless and leave again, I take the long way back to the hotel and explore some of the side streets for a couple of hours before I end up buying a large bottle of cold beer that I bring back to the hotel and relax with music TV and cold beer while writing my diary before it’s lights out around 2300.


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A Dane on Adventures, Step-dad, photographer, all-round lover of the great outdoors & coffee. Fighting cancer through fundraising adventures.
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