Italia Day 6

Day 6

The day started early and I was out of the shower at 0700 and then I checked out but leaving the backpack at reception so I could tourist for the few hours I had before I needed to be in the airport. I started with walking across town and ended up at the old palazzo with stunning view over Brescia and red clay tiles on every roof.

It was a really nice relaxing day but all too soon I had to pick up my pack and head for the station to wait for my shuttle back to the airport, while waiting at the bus station I was picked up by the polizia for an ID check in their camper van that was used as a mobile office and smoking room, they even had an espresso pot on the stove but never offered me any, anyway after checking my passport they let me get back to waiting for the shuttle and soon I was in the airport all checked in and seated for my return flight. The flight was completely without drama and as soon I arrived back in Glasgow I was greeted with heavy rain, it was almost like time had stopped while I was away!


Every day weather was clear blue skies and very nice but I left it too late in the season and were caught out by the first heavy snow fall and the fact that I didn’t have a rental car made me less flexible but never the less, it was the best stress relieving holiday I ever had :0)

Arrivederci e spero di vedervi presto: 0)


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