Photo Friday ‘Pets’

I have another archive photo for this ”Photo Friday” and it take me back to the summer I worked in Norway as a dog handler, taking tourists and business men into the mountains on dog sledges.

It was a simple carefree summer and I loved working the dogs even though it was mostly cleaning out the dog shit and feeding them but also running them every day for exercise and training, every day I was amazed how strong the dogs were when they with ease would pull our stripped out VW transporter round in the woods at breakneck speed, we used the VW when there was no snow on the ground and it had no doors or engine and therefore no brakes, the no brakes part was making it quite interesting to make emergency stops!
If for some reason you needed to make an emergency stop you called out to the dogs to make them stop and as soon as the speed slowed, you jumped out of the still moving van with a land anchor trying to nail it in the ground with your body weight and if you were not successful it meant that you on a good day had to sprint next to the van and jump back on board while you tried to avoid the anchor being dragged on the ground, on a bad day you would fall or get entangled in the anchor before you had to sprint and jump back on board, once you stopped there would be time to assess how badly you were hurt or injured “those were good times”.

This was my lead dog and while strictly not a pet but a working dog he would shift between work and play in an instant and when he was in work mode and all business like he could be very scary when reprimanding the rest of the pack.

But as soon as he was out of the harness he would look at me with a sparkle in his eyes and be ready to play like a cheeky puppy.
At the end of the summer season I had to go home and it was with a heavy heart I left the dogs behind, I swore I would be back one day but never did :0/


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A Dane on Adventures, Step-dad, photographer, all-round lover of the great outdoors & coffee. Fighting cancer through fundraising adventures.
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10 Responses to Photo Friday ‘Pets’

  1. Paula says:

    Huskies are beautiful 🙂

  2. lexi says:

    Love this post. The experience sounds harrowing at best. Amazing you came out of there alive and with all of your body parts. Being a self-confessed animal lover, the story about the lead dog brings a tear to my eye. They are amazing creatures and I don’t know where I would be without them.

    • brixpoul says:

      Thanks Lexi, Looking back it was a bit rough, I was living in a tent not far from the dogs and of course working 7 days a week since the dogs needed exercise, cleaning and feed every day.
      It was hard work and I loved it 😀
      Right now I’m trying to change my live so I again have room and time for a dog as I don’t think it’s fair getting a dog and then leave it alone for most of the day.

      What dog do you have?

      • lexi says:

        I have the sweetest brown dog ever named Daisy. She looks like a chocolate lab and is half lab half Brittany Spaniel. I also have a new border collie puppy named Clover. She is quite the handful but a very interesting, intelligent breed who is teaching us quite a bit. Good luck changing your life so that a dog can fit into it. There is nothing like the companionship of a dog … I believe. I agree, though, it’s not fair to leave them alone. Cheers. Lexi

      • brixpoul says:

        Thanks Lexi,
        sounds like a bit of a handful you got there 😀

  3. I’ve I’ve heard, read and writ a lot about dog sledding, but I had no idea you could do it with a burned out VW transporter. What a laugh to look back on (provided you have survived without permanent injuries:)

    • brixpoul says:

      You and me both but it was such good fun even if it was hard work 🙂
      I’m not sure about injuries, I think it’s just old age creaping up on me after years of not looking after myself but I believe scars tell a story and is a part of what made who you are today 🙂

  4. That sounds amazing! I wish I could go work with the dogs!

    • brixpoul says:

      It was amazing and I didn’t even mention the training of the new lead dog pup 😉
      I’m sure there are places in Alaska with dogs 🙂

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