Tweeting my way down the West Highland Way

So last Monday I started on the West Highland Way in Scotland and here’s what happend in tweets!

Twitter01 2013-10-07 12.24.25-1Twitter02 Twitter03 Twitter04 Twitter05 2013-10-09 17.34.43Twitter06 Twitter07 Twitter08 2013-10-08 06.47.15 Twitter09 2013-10-10 10.13.06


About brixpoul

A Dane on Adventures, Step-dad, photographer, all-round lover of the great outdoors & coffee. Fighting cancer through fundraising adventures.
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10 Responses to Tweeting my way down the West Highland Way

  1. Hanna says:

    Hej Poul. Håber, du havde nogle gode og flotte oplevelser, og ikke for meget regn 😉

    • brixpoul says:

      Hej Hanna, Der var vist lidt af det hele, vejrmæssigt men nok mest regn 🙂
      Men stadig super flot tur og lidt træls jeg jeg kun nåede ca halvvejs inden mit knæ sagde stop!
      Mine fødder klør efter at vende tilbage og gøre det færdigt 🙂
      Cheers, Poul

  2. Jessica says:

    You’re amazing!!! That’s a lot of miles. I’m sorry about the rotten weather, though. And did you really break your feet and ankles?? I hope not… Cheers, Poul! You really are an adventurer. 🙂

    • brixpoul says:

      Thanks Jess, I did enjoy it despite the weather 🙂
      And I didn’t really break anything, it just feels that way but they are almost back to normal again and I’m itching to get back out there 😉
      How did your early run go?
      Have a great day Jess

      • Jessica says:

        The run went well, Poul. I’ll be writing about the race soon! And I’m glad to hear you didn’t really break anything. That would have been *terrible*! Keep us updated about your next new adventures!
        Cheers, Jess

      • brixpoul says:

        Well done Jess, I cannot run to save my life but wish I could 🙂
        It’s now bee two weeks and one of my ankles are still not back to normal so might some minor stress related injury but I’m taking it slow for now and is just back from a roadtrip/photographytrip round Scotland but itching to get back into the hills while it’s still covered in the autum colors 🙂
        Cheers, Poul

      • Jessica says:

        Oooh, I’m sure it is absolutely gorgeous there. Take it slow, but def enjoy those colors! Best, Jess

      • brixpoul says:

        Cheers Jess 😉
        I hope to post some photos later.
        Ciao, Poul

  3. sahfenn says:

    Jealous of your red squirrel sighting! How was the AR Ultralight 2?

    • brixpoul says:

      Yes that was pretty cool since they are becoming quite rare now in the highlands.
      The AR Ultralight with the inner is very easy to pitch but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a two man tent, I’m 6’1 and even with most of my kit in the double porch areas it felt a bit cramped and I look forward to using it in dry weather as I didn’t have a single dry night!

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