Photo Friday: Warm Light

It’s been a long time wish for me to visit the Old Man of Storr and about a week ago I finally got the chance even though it was a race against the weather and dwindling daylight but we made it to the car park with about two hours of daylight left and I raced up the trail ahead of Stacie as she was walking rather slowly due to her back injury acting up and when I reached the old man the horizon was turning awful dark so I hardly took time to stop but pressed on past the old man and up onto an exposed rocky outcrop where it looked like I might get a better vantage point. When I reached the summit and I stretched up as far as I could while shooting, without warning the wind and the snow hit me hard and nearly blew me clean over the edge but I managed to throw myself down the slightly gentler angled slope and within 30 seconds the view was gone and I was engulfed in a total whiteout, thinking there was no point in waiting round for more photo opportunity’s I started half running, half sliding down the slope trying not to get lost but within 5-10min the storm had blown over and I got reunited with Stacie as she was coming up the last steep section of the trail, after playing around in the snow for a short while it was time to head back down and the sky looked like it was on fire.

View form the Old Man of Storr

View form the Old Man of Storr

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About brixpoul

A Dane on Adventures, Step-dad, photographer, all-round lover of the great outdoors & coffee. Fighting cancer through fundraising adventures.
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6 Responses to Photo Friday: Warm Light

  1. Doug S says:

    What an awesome photo. Must have been amazing in person. The contrast really draws you in.

    • brixpoul says:

      Thanks Doug, it was a cool visit to a spectacular place, my photos do not justify the scenery but I had very challenging light and a short window of opportunity 🙂
      It’s a place I can only highly recommend to visit if you’re ever near and I want to go back with a full day to explore 😀

  2. Hanna says:

    “A Dane on Adventures” you are right about that, Poul 🙂 I’m happy that you are still among us and didn’t fly away.
    All the best,

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